Modernize with Motorized Add-Ons

Automated shades and blinds are the finishing touch of a high-end and luxurious experience. Motorized and smart home options are available on any kind of blinds and shades to help elevate your home or office to a higher level of modernization. Adjust the light in any room of your home or office the easiest way possible. These window treatments can be integrated with any existing window since they can be programmed to automatically adjust light through the day. Motorized treatments are the solution for any hard-to-reach corners or higher windows in large commercial complexes.

Features and Benefits

  • Operate blinds and shades remotely
  • Compatible with smartphone, tablet o voice command
  • Easy to install over any window style or size
  • Best solution for large bay windows, skylights, and patio doors
  • Offered in solar panel chargers and plug-in chargers for battery motors
  • More convenient and energy-efficient
  • Offers maximum safety for homes with children and pets
  • Allows for long-lasting shades and blinds

UV Protection

All of our shades and blinds are made to reduce the amount of UV rays that comes into the home.

Child Safety

We design all of our products with child and pet safety in mind. Always follow proper instructions when securing or tying cords.

Excelent Insulation

Our shades and blinds prevent heat from escaping your home in winter and entering in summer.

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