Galaxy blinds

The Most Luxuries Choice

Looking to update to a luxurious décor and changing your bulky curtains? Galaxy blinds are the solution. The vertical panels allow greater control over the light filtered into the room and the heat blocked out. Galaxy blinds are available in a large range of solid and sheer colors, smooth or textured vinyl finishes, muted hues, and budget-friendly options. Installation is quick and easy using snap-in brackets with the possibility of installation over large bay windows, patio doors, and sliding glass. Ideal for homes with pets or children since the vanes can flip side-to-side.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in vinyl for superior light blockage, fabric for a sophisticated touch, and durable wood or aluminium finishes
  • Made-to-measure and tailored for glass panelled windows and doors
  • Customizable in curved or s-shaped vertical styles to reduce light
  • The headrail can be matched with the blinds for a unified look
  • Available in a wide variety of cords, chains, and wands
  • Available in wide range of colors and shades

UV Protection

All of our shades and blinds are made to reduce the amount of UV rays that comes into the home.

Child Safety

We design all of our products with child and pet safety in mind. Always follow proper instructions when securing or tying cords.

Excelent Insulation

Our shades and blinds prevent heat from escaping your home in winter and entering in summer.

Interested In Galaxy Blinds?